Fitness Review: G2 Golf Stretch Fitness Program

Interestingly, the G2 Golf Stretch Fitness Program by G2 Lifestyles is really a product and a program. The product is an eco-friendly (100% recyclable) stretching mat and the program is a group of stretches meant to maximize range of motion and flexibility for the purpose of increasing stability and swing speed which, obviously, is intended to help play better golf.

We’ve all heard many times how much benefit golfers can receive from a good fitness program, especially one which focuses on flexibility and range of motion. The G2 program aims to fill that role.

According to G2, the golf trainer mat features the following technology:

  • Eco-friendly (100% Recyclable) material
  • Physician-certified stretches
  • Thick-cushion design
  • Bacteria resistant
  • Washable, non-slip surface
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Revolutionary, patented material
  • Instructional videos available online after purchase

Most notably, the stretching program is printed on the mat itself, making it somewhat unique. To augment that, instructional videos demonstrating each of the stretching exercises are available on the G2 Lifestyles website after purchasing the trainer mat.

The mat folds up and includes a tote bag for easy storage and transportation.


I’ve used the trainer mat a handful of times in the last few weeks and am hoping to rekindle a regular stretching program.

I like this product/program for several reasons:

  • The exercises are printed on the mat. This makes it so easy to do the program that it’s like cheating. There’s no need to print out or memorize the program because it’s right on the mat.
  • The inclusion of instructional videos is a big bonus. Really, lacking those would have made this a deal-breaker for me. As I moved through the exercises, I found myself wondering several times if I was doing certain ones correctly. The videos were a great help.
  • The instructional videos can be downloaded and viewed on an iPod. That makes things much easier because you can view exercises as you’re going through the program without having to run to a PC for a little help.
  • I’m not a fitness expert, but based on my experiments with fitness and flexibility over time, this program seems pretty comprehensive to me. It’s not simply five or six token stretches. The program consists of 29 exercises.

I only have a couple of reservations, and they’re really just unknowns.

First, I don’t know how durable the mat will be over time because I simply haven’t used it enough. I can only compare it to mats I’ve used at my local gym. Those mats give me the impression that they would survive a nuclear war. However, they have to be extra durable because they’re used by tons of people every day. I wouldn’t say this mat is likely to be as durable as those, but I haven’t used it long enough to know. I will say, though, that the G2 mat is more comfortable to use.

Second, I haven’t done the full program long enough to know how much of a positive effect it would have on my game. As I said above, it’s quite comprehensive and includes many of the exercises that I’ve used myself over the years. I just can’t sit here and tell you specific things it has helped in my golf game because I haven’t done it enough.

Overall, I like the program and trainer mat a lot. I feel comfortable recommending it and will continue using it myself.

For photos of the mat that I took during my evaluation, click here to visit the photo gallery.

For more information please visit the G2 Lifestyles website.



G2 Lifestyles sent me the trainer mat and gave me access to the instructional videos at no cost. I was not compensated for this review in any other way. I do not have any affiliate marketing relationship with G2 Lifestyles.


  1. Nathan says:

    Improving your range of motion and flexibility is important in all sports but especially golf. Cross training will do wonders to your game and help you enjoy the rounds more as you will be less tired and exhausted both mentally and physically.

  2. thl says:

    Thank you for evaluating the stretch mat and sharing your thoughts. I like the convenience of the instructions being printed on the mat itself and the being able to download the video on to my iPod. Because of these features alone I think the mat is worth a look, not to mention the benefits one reaps from a regular stretching routine.

  3. Max says:

    Watching golf recently I have to wonder if Lefty and Tiger could get some use out of this mat. They have fallen behind early and seem to have forgotten the basics. Get down and stretch it out fella’s. M

  4. John says:

    Don’t know if Phil’s and Tiger’s lack of top placements this year are a stretching/flexibility issue, (but still a good point)

    Phil had been doing quite a bit of core strength, stability and flexibility work over the past several years. Tiger reportedly had some pretty intense workouts for his golf fitness as well. If I recall, his original injury to his knee was while on a jog.


  5. Bethcharette says:

    One of the biggest challenges I face when playing any sport is warming up.

    As I grow older, warming up becomes even more important.

    My problem is that I have no patience with warm ups, and therefore I am injured far more often than those who do take the time.

    I am thinking, having read this article, that my “patience” problem might be alleviated if I had a program such as the G2 Golf Stretch Fitness Program.

    Warming up the muscles and staying flexible are so very important.

    I know I should be warming up for at least 15 to 20 minutes, and I have done that exactly zero times in my life. I’m desperate.

    And, believe me when I say I’ve warmed up zero times before just starting to play whatever sport I am about to take part in, I’ve paid a heavy price for my impatience.


  6. 2ndSwingGolf says:

    Clearly you haven’t been using this product… or you would have to hang the ‘gone fishing’ sign up on the blog!

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