Training Aid Review: T2Hole Golf Improvement System

The T2Hole Golf Improvement System, endorsed by well-known golf teacher Denis Pugh, is exactly what it sounds like. Its purpose is to be a versatile training aid that can be used to improve every facet of your game. It is a highly configurable solution to address many faults in your golf game and to help you groove proper technique through helpful drills.

In the Box

When the T2Hole arrives, you are provided with the system itself, a quick-start and set-up guide, some stickers used to customized the T2Hole (should you prefer), a carrying bag, and a DVD featuring set-up instructions as well as drills and information from Denis Pugh showing many ways to use the system to help your game.

The Basics

The T2Hole system is pretty easy to set up. It breaks down into four major parts: bars to use for alignment and stance adjustment, and two bristle swing-arms used for swing feedback (and for other nifty drills).

Here are a couple of photos showing the T2Hole system in its basic configuration:

The T2Hole, looking down the target line

The T2Hole from the player's point of view

As you can see in the first photo above, in it’s basic configuration, there are guides to help you with alignment, stance (specifically, proper distance from the ball), and swing arms with bristles to aid you in the correct swing path.

In the second photo, you can see the adjustments on the bar which let you adjust the T2Hole given your height and the club you’re using.


At first glance, it kind of seems like a tool that helps you with relatively few things. You can easily see where it can help you get your feet set correctly, and your stance set the correct distance from the ball, and even how swinging through the brushes can give you feedback to help you get your path to be more on-plane.

But, the components can be set up in many different ways to perform many different types of drills. For instance, you can take the outer bristled swing-arm, turn the bristles up, and set it behind the ball, perpendicular to the target. Why? Because it can be used to help promote lag in your swing and to keep from releasing the club early, by making sure you don’t hit the bristles on the way down.

Or, you can put the swing-arm in front of the ball to help you stop the dreaded chicken-wing. You can use the swing-arm to make sure you stay down and clip the bristles on the follow-through to get the feeling of not collapsing your left arm and having the club head pass your hands before impact.

Here are photos of the T2Hole in those two configurations:


T2Hole with the swing arm in front of the ball

T2Hole with the swing arm behind the ball

In addition, the foot alignment bar can be angled either way to help with many issues such as promoting a hit from the inside, eliminating a reverse pivot, and hitting draws and fades.

The included DVD includes many drills that can be done with the T2Hole and Denis Pugh even points out that you can configure the system in so many different ways that there are things you might use it for that were not even envisioned in the design.

However, you don’t need to do the thinking yourself because the DVD includes drills to eliminate your slice, hit the ball longer, achieve better, more consistent contact, hit draws and fades, and even to help your chipping and putting technique.


I have to agree that this system is highly configurable and that you can do many, many things with it to help your golf game. In general, I found it to be fairly easy to put together once I did it the first time (there’s a video on assembly included on the DVD, as well as on the website). I tried many of the drills from the DVD and I think the T2Hole system performs exactly as advertised in all regards.

On the DVD, Denis Pugh recommends working with a PGA professional in conjunction with the T2Hole and I have to agree with that advice. While you’ll be able to get benefit out of the drills that are provided, having someone diagnose your problem and target specific drills to help you is a big benefit. And a PGA professional will make it easier for you to discover other ways to set up the T2Hole that aren’t in the documentation to achieve specific results in other areas. Also, a professional can help you to use the included stickers to customize the T2Hole if you need to adjust your stance or distance from the ball if for some reason you don’t want to use the default setup (for instance, maybe if you’re relatively tall, but have short arms for your height).

The T2Hole seems generally durable and I think it will stand up to the pressures of repeated use, though I only used it a couple of times myself, in preparation for this review.

I only have a couple of criticisms worth noting. First, the system includes a putting guide which can help you to groove either a straight-back and straight-through, or arc putting stroke. However, it’s not mentioned on the assembly/quick start page that came with the T2Hole and I hadn’t watched the DVD at that point when I was setting it up. Eventually, after poking around the website, I found a video demonstrating its use. But during the first setup, I could not glean what the extra parts were for and it was a little frustrating.

Second, the T2Hole has a print manual along with the DVD, which can be downloaded from the website. It gives a lot of information about assembly and many of the various drills that you can do with the system. I understand that in this day and age, everyone wants to go green and not print a bunch of stuff unnecessarily, but in this case, especially given the price, you can’t expect to sit down and watch the DVD and then go to the range and retain all the configurations and drills and other information, so the printed manual is something you should probably have with you. And to get it, you have to print it yourself, unless you take a laptop or other electronic device to the range to be able to view it.

Overall, I like the T2Hole system. It’s a bit pricey at $139.99 but it’s fairly well-constructed and works as advertised. Given the investment we all make as golfers, it’s not unreasonable in the grand scheme of things.

If you’re in the market for a good training aid, I recommend the T2Hole Golf Improvement System.

For more information, including instructional and assembly videos, or to view the product manual, please feel free to visit the T2Hole website.

You can also click here to see all the photos of the T2Hole system that I took for the review.


Disclosure: I was provided with a T2Hole Golf Improvement System for the purpose of this review.


  1. Mike, question about the bristles inside the swing path – do the bristles have a slight curvature to accommodate the swing path or are the bristle a uniform length? Seems like the bristles may interfere with the hosel when swinging on a inside path. maybe that is the point ; )

    • Mike Gray says:

      It’s not easy to see in the photos I took, but there’s actually a slight curvature in the bristles to promote the arc of a proper swing path.

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