Win a Copy of Golf List Mania!

Note: the contest has ended and a winner was chosen via drawing.

You may have recently read my review of Golf List Mania! and I’m happy to say that the publisher has provided a copy for me to give away to a reader. If you were thinking of picking up a copy, then enter the contest and you might win one!

Obviously, I can’t give away a copy of a book of golf lists without having you do a list of your own, so here’s how it will work: write a comment giving me a list of five things you love about golf. It doesn’t have to be a top-five, though it certainly can be. It can be people, places, courses, shots you’ve seen, tournaments you’ve attended or played in, anything at all that you love about the game.

I’ll give it a couple of weeks to get some good lists going. Then, I’ll choose my top-three favorites. From those, I will randomly draw the winner. Feel free to be as creative as you like because only my three favorites will make it to the finals. If you’ve been paying attention over the years, you might have a good feel and be able to figure out what will impress me. There is a soft spot in my heart for many things relating to golf.

Get your entry in before August 2nd for a chance to win!

Please be sure your entry complies with my comment policy, or it will not be accepted. In addition, you must include a valid e-mail address when you fill out the comment form (in the e-mail field, not in the comment body).

I will post the winner on August 2nd, or thereabouts.

Good Luck! I can’t wait to read those lists!


  1. Gregory Pando says:

    top 5 golf shots I’ve seen/watched (take into consideration i was born in 1985)….

    1. Seve from his knees, under a bush, and back onto the fairway to just short of the green. (97 French Open)
    2. Miguel Angel Jiminez off-the-wall onto green at Saint Andrews.
    3. Vijay Singh Master practice round skip across the water Hole In One on 16th at the Masters.
    4. Davis Love III chip-in on 16 at 1999 Masters / Tiger’s chip-in at 16th of 2002 Masters.
    5. Phil Mickelson’s 2nd shot on 13th hole to within 10 feet at 2010 Masters.

  2. Top 5 hole outs witnessed either on TV (as it happened rather than highlights) or while playing.

    5 – Robert Gamez eagling the 18th hole at Bay Hill with a seven iron on Sunday to win by 1.
    4 – David Toms acing the 15th hole with a 5 wood in the 2001 PGA Championship.
    3 – Larry Mize pitching in to beat Greg Norman in the1987 Masters.

    The top two occurred while playing in our usual foursome during the same round.

    2 – “Jimmy N” holed out from about 120 yard to a pin protected by water on one side and a bunkers in front and behind the pin for an eagle.
    1 – Two holes later, “Greg S” one hopped a 4 iron from 210 for an ace. First ace that I have been witness to that was not on TV. That capped off a very memorable round that had 3 eagles in one day. I had the other eagle but it was no where as exciting as watching Jimmy’s or Greg’s shots.

    • Mike Gray says:

      Seeing a hole in one live on TV is exciting but nowhere near as much as seeing one live in your group. I’ve only witnessed one and it was pretty thrilling.

      Seeing eagles drop in is pretty cool too. Out of the handful I’ve had, I think they were all putts. But I got out-eagled on my first by my brother.

      We were playing a short dog-leg par four where, if you could hit it really high over trees, you could get on in one. I hit a 5-iron and got on, and was less than two feet from the hole (which I couldn’t even see until I got to the turn in the dog-leg). I had never had an eagle before. My brother hit up to the top of the hill to the end of the fairway. He had about 60 yards to go and it dropped for eagle. That was his first too. He still likes to remind me to this day how he got his first eagle before I did.

      • I still remember my first eagle. I pulled my approach and it followed the contour of the green. Could not see the bottom of the flag from the fairway and was puzzled when we could not see the ball on the green. Checked the hole and to my surprise the ball was in the hole. I was 15 or 16 and I like I could walk on water for a while.

        • Mike Gray says:

          Yeah, eagles are pretty cool. I feel like I should have a lot more of them than I do. Over the years, I’ve played a lot more 9-hole rounds than 18-hole rounds and the two courses I played the vast majority of my golf at did not have good eagle candidates on the nines that I played most. Even on the other nines there were only two holes that I would consider good candidates and one decent candidate. The rest were impossible or were set up to be very, very difficult. And I hit the ball pretty long.

          The course I played most over the last several years only had one par-5 on the front and it usually played into the wind so there were hardly any chances to go for it. I’ve had several chances on the tenth hole, but couldn’t get the putt to drop. On the course I started on (and worked at), I think I eagled 5 of the holes at least once, and two of those were short par-4′s.

          Now that I think about it, though, it’s been a long time since I’ve had one.

  3. Greencat856 says:

    1. Watching Tiger Woods play golf, especially in clutch situations. He usually was able to capitalize and rarely disappointed. I guess I should add this was generally before the ‘you know what’ hit the fan.
    2. Caddy Shack-no particular scene, but the interaction of Bill Murray with the gophers was pretty funny and a little strange as I think back to the movie. But I feel the same way about the squirrels at our bird feeder.
    3. Riding shot gun in a golf cart driven by my other son over the hill straight down for about 20 yards at full speed on the pretext of looking for stragglers on the course. Of course I screamed the whole way down. That was the purpose of the joy ride after all.
    4. Rescuing my son from the tornado when he was playing a round at the local golf course. When we finally got there the storm had passed and he wanted to keep on playing golf with tree limbs and debris all over the place.
    5. Enjoyed Will Smith’s performance in ‘The Legend of Bagger Vance.’ Enjoyed Jack Lemmon in this movie too. He has been a favorite celeb of mine for more years that I care to mention.

    • Mike Gray says:

      Excellent list.

      And let me just clear up the rescuing from the tornado bit for everyone (yes, I’m the mystery son). I was walking 9-holes and was probably 3/4 of a mile out when this thing blew up out of nowhere. I took shelter in the little overhang which is in the edge of the woods. When I became surrounded by lightning strikes and saw 55-gallon metal trash drums blowing away, I called for rescue. By the time you got there, the storm was completely gone, so I teed off. I wanted to keep playing because the danger was gone, but noooooooo. I had a good round going too.

      I wish I had seen you screaming down the cart path on 18 with Tony, though. Don’t worry, someone did the same thing to me. Except I was following in my own cart so it was even worse.

  4. Geoff Dening says:

    1) Winning Golf competitions
    2) Seein my Handicap reduce from the effort put in
    3) Practising my golf
    4) Travelling to play in Open Club Tournaments
    5) Looking at and buying Golf equipment

    Have been back onto golf since 2009 after a 20 year lay off. By that I mean not able o play and practise any time I want. Sincethe return I have made up for the lost time. The game and the information, equipment and interaction with other golfers is no longer restricted to home clubs. The ‘net has been a great addition to golf enjoyment.

  5. Mike Gray says:

    Sorry for the delay everyone, but it’s drawing time!

    OK, first, my top-three lists. the three slots in the drawing will go to: Gregory Pando, TP Golf, and Greencat. Sorry, Geoff, your list was good, but the other three just edged you out.

    Now for the drawing. (yes, I’m actually drawing a name right now…)

    The winner is: TP Golf! Congrats TP, I’ll be in touch via e-mail.

    Thanks to everyone for entering and better luck next time to everyone who didn’t win.

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