Caddyshack 30th Anniversary Contest Winners

In case you missed it, this is the announcement for the Caddyshack 30th Anniversary Blu-ray release contest. And just in case, if you’ve never seen the movie, I should mention that there are spoilers in this post (if it’s even possible to spoil a movie like this). I wasn’t sure it would happen, but all three of my favorite quotes were identified. And, they were identified by three different people. That means that we have three automatic winners and the remaining two copies will be awarded by drawing among the other three entries. Before we get down to business, let’s take a look at my favorite three quotes. I’d be lying if I said it was an easy choice. In fact, when the entries started coming in, some of the guesses were absolute classic quotes from the movie that I easily could have been swayed into picking as my favorites. Without further ado… Free Bowl of Soup Rodney Dangerfield was a king of one-liners and this movie was basically a vehicle for him to deliver

Win a Copy of the Caddyshack 30th Anniversary Blu-ray Release

Judge Smails

Note: this contest is now closed. Winners will be notified by e-mail and a post will be published shortly. Is there an adult golfer alive who hasn’t seen Caddyshack? It’s hard to even believe it’s possible, but if you know anyone who fits the bill, it’s time to get them a copy, stat. For the rest of us, this movie is nothing short of classic. Now, Warner Brothers has finally brought Caddyshack to Blu-ray with the 30th anniversary release.  It contains not only the film, but a feature-length behind-the-scenes 30th anniversary documentary as well as a retrospective documentary filled with outtakes, interviews, and rare footage. Visit the Caddyshack 30th Anniversary Blu-ray release website for complete details. The good news is that Caddyshack is available on Blu-ray, but the better news is that I have five copies to give away and I love having a fun contest. The Contest I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen Caddyshack countless times.  On top of that, I’m a big movie quotes guy and have been known to throw

The Big May Golf Book Giveaway: Winners

I’d like to thank everyone for participating in the Big May Golf Book Giveaway.  It was a lot of fun and there were some really interesting responses.  Also, thanks to Abrams Books and Hachette Book Group for making this giveaway possible. Without further ado, here are the winners, selected from each contest by random drawing: Day 1 – Golf Courses of the World: 365 Days TP Golf Online wins for his selections of a few courses in Canada and the United States, as well as for his favorite hole, the second at Wolf Creek’s east 9. Day 2 – GOLF Magazine Private Lessons Sharon A. wins for her simple swing thought: “slow and smooth”. Day 3 – Bad Lies: A Field Guide to Lost Balls, Missing Links, and Other Golf Mishaps It’s a repeat winner! (I’m drawing each winner in succession as I write this post so it’s actually kind of exciting).  Sharon wins again for her bad experience with weather on a golf trip to San Diego. Day 4 – Moment of Glory: The

Last Call for the Big May Golf Book Giveaway

OK, folks, this is it.  The Big May Golf Book Giveaway is winding down.  The day 1 contest will be closing tomorrow evening.  The rest of the contests will be closing one at a time each evening through Friday. Winners will be determined over the weekend and I’ll contact each winner via e-mail and post the results shortly thereafter. Don’t forget – eligible individuals may enter all four contests and winning any one will not disqualify you from winning any (or all) of the others. Here are links to the four contests.  Be sure to get your entries in before the deadline for each. Big May Golf Book Giveaway, Day 1 – Golf Courses of the World: 365 Days Big May Golf Book Giveaway, Day 2 – GOLF Magazine Private Lessons Big May Golf Book Giveaway, Day 3 – Bad Lies Big May Golf Book Giveaway, Day 4 – Moment of Glory

The Big May Golf Book Giveaway: Day 4


Note: this contest is now closed. A winner will be selected and notified via e-mail, and an announcement will be made on or before May 31, 2010.  Thanks for all the great entries! We  made it!  Here we are on the fourth and final day of the Big May Golf Book Giveaway. We’ve come a long way and now here we are on the last giveaway (for now!). The book today is Moment of Glory: The Year Underdogs Ruled Golf, by John Feinstein.  Moment of Glory takes a close look at the 2003 season, specifically the four majors, where a group of unlikely underdogs took advantage of Tiger Woods’ down season. Here’s some information from the book’s publisher, Hachette Book Group: After winning 6 of the 12 Majors from 2000 to 2002, Tiger Woods struggled in 2003. Four unknown players would seize the day, rising to become champions in his wake. Mike Weir–considered a good golfer but not a great one–triumphed in The Masters, becoming the first Canadian to win a Major. Jim Furyk emerged