Five Steps to Improving Your Golf Game This Year

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For many in the northern hemisphere, winter is upon us. We can’t do many golf-related things aside from taking some practice swings indoors or maybe waiting for the occasional day between snowfalls where the temperatures rise enough to make a round of golf bearable. Those of us in that predicament are left to feed our passion for golf through books, magazines, television, or the internet. In times like these, we tend to try and learn some new technique or magic tip so we can hit the ground running when spring gets here. It’s like the ever-renewed New Year’s Resolution. We study up and vow to shave strokes off our games, come spring. Unfortunately, this doesn’t usually happen, for a variety of reasons. It is partly because we overload ourselves with information in an attempt to figure out what’s going wrong, and just blindly go out and try a few things. Nothing really works and within a short time, we just slip back into last season’s form. By the time you finish this post, you’re probably